Miners to invest $177.2 million in environmental programs in Mexico
Mining News Pro - The Mexican Chamber of Mines or Camimex announced that total investments in environmental programs carried out by companies affiliated to the group will add up to $177.2 million in 2019, almost a 17% increase from the $151.5 million invested in 2018.

According to Camimex, most of the programs focused on the protection of certain areas’ biodiversity and natural resources, freshwater management, reforestation, renewable energy sources, and capacity building.

The Chamber also reported that, in the past year, 111 companies took part in a clean industry program organized by the Federal Prosecutor for Environmental Protection, and five of them were awarded a certificate of environmental excellence, which means that their performance goes above and beyond what is established in the environmental regulations they have to comply with.

“Mexico’s mining sector is a very well regulated economic activity in our country and companies affiliated to Camimex comply with the more than 1,275 laws, bylaws, regulations, and international treaties to which Mexico has subscribed. Additionally, they comply with the requirements and conditions that the federal environmental authority establishes in Environmental Impact Assessments,” the group said in a media statement. “Our affiliates will continue to invest in improving their environmental and social programs that support Mexico’s sustainable development goals.”

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