Major Growth for KSC by Selling 995 Thousand Tons of Products
Mining News Pro - Khouzestan Steel Company sold 995 thousand tons of products including 408 thousand tons of exported billet and bloom, 268 thousand tons domestic and 140 thousand tons of imported slab and earned 295.9 million dollars.

According to Mining News Pro - Khouzestan Steel Company (KSC) sold $104.1 million, which has grown by 7 percent over the last three months.

KSC produced 980123 tons of products including 672000 tons of billet and bloom, and 308000 tons of slab.

Domestic selling rate for billet and bloom was $0.317 per kilogram. While on average during the three months this number was $0.308.

The rate of export billet of KSC in this month was $0.348. Selling rate of domestic slab in this month was about $0.306 per kilogram.

Billet selling rate of KSC decreased compared to the last month but on the other hand, the selling rate of export slab increased. It is likely that the profit margin of slab is better.

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