NICICO’s 2.2bn Dollar Investment in the Related Copper Industries
Mining News Pro - National Iranian Copper Industry Company will invest in new fields of Kerman for production boom.

According to Mining News Pro - Ardeshir SadMohammadi, CEO of National Iranian Copper Industry Company (NICICO) said in a meeting with the presence of Kerman’s governor: “This investment leads to more production and employment.”

SadMohammadi mentioned the new investment of NICICO and said that the investment value is $2.2 million.

“These investments lead to more employment for the people of Kerman”, he said.

CEO of NICICO believes that the other mines of Kerman are not using their full capacity.

Also Mohammad Javad Fadaei, the governor of Kerman emphasized on the observance of scientific criteria and economic justification of NICICO’s new decisions and said: “We hope that this is a successful move.”

In addition, other issues of Iran’s copper industry has been investigated.

Sarcheshmeh copper mine is one of the world`s largest industrial mineral complexes in the world, which is located 160 km from Kerman and 50 km from Rafsanjan.

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