Khouzestan Steel Has Exported 57 Percent of its Products
Mining News Pro - Annual summit of Khouzestan Steel Company has been held with the presence of members of the board, representatives of Iranian Privatization Organization and Tehran Stock Exchange.

According to Mining News Pro - In this summit, Mohammad Keshani, CEO of Khouzestan Steel Company announced annual performance report of the company.

He mentioned: “Considering the domestic supply, Khouzestan Steel exported 57 percent of its products to other countries. This has led to 1 million dollars of income from exports. In addition, by using our domestic knowledge and technology, the production volume of the company has increased from 4.3 million tons five years ago to 8.3 million tons last year.”

“Trend of per capita income in 2013 was 480 tons per person. This number has increased to 621 tons per person”, he added.

Keshani told about energy saving process of this country: “One of the most important ways of reducing energy consumption is to reduce water consumption to the desired level.”

He said that confronting sanctions is one of our company’s strategies. “After the US exit from JCPOA last year, a committee has been formed for confronting the sanctions. In this committee strategic import goods like electrode has been analyzed and considering the possibility of problem in importing these products, we supplied our demand for the next two years. One of the things that threatens the steel industry today is the supply of raw materials”

“The important factor for the production sustainability is to be able to supply materials like concentrate, iron ore, electrode and scrap steel. Therefore, our company has owned Tose’e Faragir Company and inaugurated a 5.2 million tons of concentrate production line”, Keshani said.

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