IMPASCO: Improving the Environmental Standards
Mining News Pro - Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company (IMPASCO) has always tried to improve its environmental standards beside producing mining materials.

According to Mining News Pro - Parham Khajepour, said: “Currently, four related companies including copper, lead, gold, and coke are no longer in the list of pollutant companies.”

“IMPASCO has 13 related companies and 12 of them that produce lead and zinc, gold, coke, limestone, and coal does not include environmental penalties”, he said.

“By creating investigative groups, we are looking for the polluting units of our company the solution. The result of this research was that 12 of our units are no longer on the list of environmental pollutants. The amount that was spent on the payment of a fine before is now spent in the production cycle of Clean Complexes in order to improve the system”, Khajehpour added.

He mentioned the environmental financial savings and said: “Until six years ago, “Angouran Lead and Zinc Company” spent $76.9 million of environmental fine that is equal to 1 percent of our products sale revenue. Since the year 2013, we were able to save this amount of money and improve our complex and create green space.”

Manager of Safety, Health, Environment, and Energy of IMPASCO mentioned that the coking is a pollutant process and said that by creating an analyzing system, we are now able to connect environmental organization of Kerman and reduce the coking pollution.

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