North Anomaly Mine in Bafgh to be Inaugurated in Near Future
Mining News Pro - According to the researches, many iron ore capacities has been detected in Yazd province, Iran.

According to Mining News Pro - According to IMPASCO, in a meeting about the problems of employees and anomaly resources Hesam MoghadamAli, deputy of operations and explorations of the company said: “Studies have been carried out and increased the resources of Yazd. These resources will be activated constantly.”

“Currently, we have 250 million tons of new iron ore resource in Yazd and we hopeful that we will be able to develop them considering the numerous reserves in thermal coal and phosphate.”

Deputy of operations and explorations of IMPASCO mentioned that with the aid of private sector investments, few mines have been activated. “The north anomaly mine in Bafgh will begin its activity very soon and it provides more capacity for concentrate and iron ore for the province”.

Hesam Moghadamali said Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade is responsible for over 40 percent of mining distribution. “Considering the initial plans, a balance must be struck between raw materials.”

“This will cause employment. The mining employments are long-term and with the activation of new mines, about 350 people are recruited. This provides additional employment opportunities for the city.”

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