Esfahan Steel Company Intends to Increase the Exports by 40 Percent
Mining News Pro - Esfahan Steel’s Deputy of Operation said: “In the first two months, export rate was exactly what we expected and it is expected that the production of cast iron and the exports of the company will continue growing until the end of the year.”

According to Mining News Pro - Mehrdad Tavalaeiyan, Esfahan Steel’s Deputy of Operation, mentioned that the company plans to increase the production of cast iron.

“We produce 230 thousand tons of cast iron each year and this trend will continued until the first half of the year. The production volume may vary each month but until 22, September we will produce 3 million tons of cast iron”, he said.

He emphasized that the export rate of Esfahan Steel Co (ESC) will increase between 30-40 percent this year.

Tavalaeiyan said that there is no problem between the demand and supply in rebar and girder sector.

“Currently, there is no problem with girder and rebar production and ESC intends to increase the production volume for better supplying the domestic demands. The US sanctions does not have any effects on production and export of Esfahan Steel Company. We are the only company that uses blast furnace for producing steel.”

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