Government Will No Longer Be the Shareholder of Mobarakeh Steel and NICICO
Mining News Pro - Following the government’s exit from Exchange Market and Fara Bourse Market, the percentage of government shares was reviewed in each of the companies and Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO) and Fara Bourse will do necessary preparations for government’s transfer of equities.

According to Mining News Pro - Following the last meeting of Iran Privatization Organization (IPO) about the government transfer of equities from major companies in Iran, IPO legislated it and it is ready for selling 18 companies in Exchange and Fara Bourse Market.

According to surveys, the amount of Government stock in oil five refineries in Bandar Abbas, Tehran, Tabriz, Shiraz and Lavan is around 20 percent and 9.9 percent in Isfahan refinery.
Also the government’s amount of share in Tejarat Bank Iran and Mellat Band is 16.9 percent. It has 18.4 percent of share in Saderat Bank.

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