Esfahan Steel Company Will Have the Least Dependence to Zayandeh Rood in the Next Four Years
Mining News Pro - CEO of Esfahan Steel Company said: “Last Year, we had a difficult situation because of sanctions, but with the aid local employees (5800 person), our company had a good progress inproduction.”

According to Mining News Pro - Mansour Yazdizadeh, CEO of Esfahan Steel Company (ESC) said that one of the strategic products of this company is the “rail”.

“This year, we must do our best to reduce the country’s dependence to Oil that is an important factor for Iran’s economy”, said Yazdizadeh.

He mentioned that ESC is the only company that produce steel by blast furnace technology and said: “Esfahan Steel produced 2.4 million tons of products last year and in the new year we seek to produce 3.5 million tons of products. Sanctions make the situation hard for providing raw materials.”

“Environmental issues have always been one of the main focuses in steel industry around the world. This is important for our company. In this regard, ESC invested about  26.6 million USD on environmental projects. In some parts of Lenjan, people sense coke smell, which is related to the coke sector of our company. We want the problem to be solved ASAP”, he said.

The CEO of Esfahan Steel said in another part of his speech about the company`s efforts to reduce water consumption and said: “There are major concerns about the water consumption. For this reason, ESC started to buy sewage in order to reduce water consumption.”

“We have about 14 thousand employees and our goal is to provide good situation for them. The first factor to provide this situation, is to increase production capacities. The capacity for cast iron production is about 4 million tons but due to the problem for supplying raw materials, we are able to use just the 60 percent of this capacity.”

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