Equinox Gold completes construction of Aurizona mine
Mining News Pro - When Equinox Gold was formed in December 2017 as a three-way merger of Trek Mining, Newcastle Gold and Anfield Gold, it launched with a development asset in Brazil, a couple of non-core assets elsewhere in South America and Mexico, a small gold deposit in British Columbia and the Castle Mountain gold project in California.

According to Mining News Pro - Today, the junior has one asset in production, a second one on the cusp of production and a third in the pipeline. It expects to produce between 230,000 and 265,000 oz. gold in 2019, and at least 300,000 oz. gold in 2020.

“We had big ambitions to build a big company,” Equinox Gold chairman Ross Beaty said on a recent conference call. “Our focus right now is to continue to build production, continue to grow reserves and resources. The bigger we can make this company now, the better it will perform, not only if gold is static, but also it will be a standout winner if gold really moves the way I think it will.”

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