Growth of Concentrate Production by 33 Percent in IMIDRO’s Subsidiaries
Mining News Pro - Production of Concentrate has grown by 33 percent in Tabas and Central Alborz companies, which are IMIDRO’s subsidiaries.

According to Mining News Pro -Iron ore companies of Tabas and Central Alborz produced 47.2 thousand tons of Concentrate of Iron ore in April. Last year, the production volume in the same period was about 35.4 thousand tons. 40.4 thousand tons have been produced by Tabas Iron Ore Company and 6.8 thousand tons by Central Alborz Iron Ore Company.

Also, these two companies extracted 131.4 thousand tons of iron ore in April. Compared to the same period last year, it has 28 percent growth (102.8 thousand tons).

The amount of coal supply from these companies to customers during the above-mentioned period also increased by 30 percent from 51.4 thousand tons in the same period of the last year to 67.1 thousand tons.

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