New Sanctions on Iran’s Metal Would Affect the Buyers
Mining News Pro - Donald Trump imposes new sanctions on Iran’s industrial metals. This includes industries such as iron, steel, aluminum, lead, and copper.

According to Mining News Pro -In this regard, Momtazan, deputy of South Kaveh Steel Co. (SKSCo.) told Mining News Agency in an interview: “Exports has two aspects: Buyers and Exporters. The sanctions do not have a major effect on our exports because we are determined to export our products.”

“The new US sanctions will have the most impact on buyers. We must wait and see the effects and how much they risk buying products from Iran”, he said.

“On the other hand, On the other hand, this decision will affect service companies in the transportation, insurance and banks sectors, and will increase shipping costs, but we are looking forward to export our products will full strength.”, Momtazan explained.

Regarding the steel price, Momtazan told Mining News Agency that considering the fact that the steel market is not in short supply and Iran in not a major player, price mutation never happens. Iran’s total steel export is about 6 million tons; So we can conclude that exports are more important in this industry.

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