United States Steel Export Statistics February 2019
Mining News Pro - United States, world`s largest ferrous scrap exporter and one of the leading steel exporters observed rebound in ferrous scrap exports in Feb`19 however, exports of Coal, Iron Ore and finish steel products dropped on monthly premises against volume registered in Jan`19, the data provided by US customs showed.

According to Mining News Pro - Ferrous Scrap exports increase 19% M-o-M - US scrap exports showed considerable recovery in Feb`19 after hitting 2 years low in Jan`19. It exported 1,180,142 MT ferrous scrap in Feb’19, rising 19 % M-o-M as against 989,159 MT in Jan’19. On yearly premises, scrap exports fell 20% Y-o-Y as against 1,473,729 MT ferrous scrap recorded in Feb`18.
Country wise - Largest importer Turkey with 25% share in total USA scrap exports, observed a rise of 90% M-o-M in Feb ‘19. Other top scrap importers South Korea (207,578 MT, 18% share) and Taiwan (131,057 MT, 11% share) observed a rise of 106% and 26% M-o-M, followed by Canada (101,263 MT, 9% share) and Mexico ( 85,817 MT, 7% share) observing a fall of 26% and 17% M-o-M respectively.
Price overview -  US HMS 80:20 scrap exports prices maintained downtrend in Jan`19 hitting as low levels as USD 285-290/MT, CFR Turkey on low demand while recovered sharply by USD 25-35/MT to USD 320-325/MT, CFR Turkey in Feb`19.

Iron Ore & Pellet exports fall 66% M-o-M - United States iron ore exports were recorded at 191,767 MT, down 65% as against 555,671 MT in Jan’19. The country’s major share of exports consists of pellets. For the month, 95% of exports were pellet at 180,387 MT and remaining 11,380 MT stood for Iron ore. On a yearly basis, exports dropped 12% Y-o-Y as against 217,270 MT in Feb’18.
So far in FY19 (Apr-Feb’19), the exports were witnessed at 12,338,716 MT ( 12,228,569MT of pellet) as against 10,267,864 MT in the same period in FY18 (Apr-Feb‘18).
Country wise - Exports to Canada for the month witnessed at 126,723 MT, down sharply against Jan’19 at 544,750 MT. Poland marked second largest importer at 43,000 MT followed by Mexico at 21,974 MT.

Coal exports drop 19% M-o-M - Exports stood at 9.8 MnT in Feb’19, dropping 19% M-o-M as against 12.02 Mnt in Jan ‘19. On yearly premises, exports fell by 17% Y-o-Y as against 11.8 MnT in Feb‘18.
Commodity wise - Of the total coal exports, commodity-wise pet coke had the largest share of Exports in Feb‘19 at 3.6 Mnt (up 4.2% M-o-M) followed by coking coal and non-coking coal at 3.3 MnT (down 25% M-o-M) and 2.6 MnT (down 24% M-o-M) respectively.
Country wise - India remained the largest importer of coal from US with 22% share of all US coal exports, as it imported 2.14 MnT in Feb‘19 observing a rise of 14.5 % M-o-M as against 1.87 MnT in Jan‘19. Other major importers like Netherlands (1.17 MnT, 12% share) and Japan (0.89 MnT, 9% share) observed a fall of 10% and 23% respectively.

Finish long exports down 7% on M-o-M - Finish long exports stood at 0.07 MnT in Feb’19. On yearly premises exports fall down by 41.6% recorded 0.07 MnT in Feb’19. as compared to 0.12 MnT in feb’18.
Commodity wise - Rebar exports were registered at 0.02 MnT in Feb’19 (fall by 50%) against 0.04 MnT in Jan’19, followed by Structure at 0.04 MnT in feb’19 (up by 35%) against 0.03 MnT in jan’19 & Wire rod recorded unchanged on monthly basis.
Country wise - The major exports of Finish Long Steel in feb’19 registered through Canada at 0.04 MnT fall by 20% as compared to previous month followed by Mexico – 0.02 MnT (0%) against the previous month.

Finish flat steel exports fell 7% M-o-M - Nation’s flat steel exports move down by 7% in Feb’19 to 0.42 MnT which was 0.45 MnT in Jan’19. While on yearly premises the decline in nation’s exports was 14% in Feb’19 in comparison to 0.49 MnT in Feb’18. During the first two months (Jan-Feb) CY’19 the nation’s flat steel exports registered a fall by 14% to 0.87 MnT as compared to 1.01 MnT in the same time frame of the previous year.
Country-wise - USA majorly exports flat steel to Mexico and accounted for 0.21 MnT in Feb’19, down by 5% against 0.22 MnT in the previous month. Meanwhile, US also exported 0.16 MnT of flat steel to Canada in Feb’19, decreased by 16% from 0.19 MnT in Jan’19.

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