The Growth in Esfahan Steel Company Productions
Mining News Pro - The production volume of Esfahan Steel Company (ESC) has been increased by 23 percent last year. Meanwhile, due to the growth of selling rate, the company’s income has been increased in comparison with two years ago, but sales has been declined by 39 percent.

According to Mining News Pro - By producing and selling girders, ribbed rebar, commodity ingots other products and rails, Esfahan Steel Company succeeded to gain more than 7.4 billion US Dollars.
Last year, the company’s income had 61 percent growth compared with two years ago.

The monthly income of the company reached from 19.4 million USD to more than 76.9 million USD.

According to the reports, rebar production has had the highest increase. By a 20 percent increase, the production volume has reached from 508 thousand tons in two years ago to 610 thousand tons in last year.

However, the highest percentage of growth in production is related to the other products and rails.

Company sales have had a 39 percent decrease from 3.2 million tons to more than 1.9 million tons.

Except rebar, rails and other products, all other products had decrease in sales.

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