Iran Has Exported 400 Million Dollars of Cement in 2018
Mining News Pro - According to Customs Administration of Iran, the value of cement export chain during the last year has reached 400 million dollars and includes 32 percent of Iran’s total export value.

According to Mining News Pro - Iran’s cement industry has 80 years of history. According to production statistics in 2018, cement factories in Iran has 86 million tons of capacity and 62 percent of it was active during last year. It is expected that by allocating appropriate developmental budget, rehabilitation and renovation of damaged urban and rural houses caused by natural disasters, specially the flood, the demand for cement will increase this year.

According to ministry of industry, mine and trade, it is expected that this year a total of 2 million tons of new capacity will be applied in the cement sector and reaches 90 million tons.

In the first 11 months of last year, Iran has exported 51.7 million tons of goods worth more than 8.3 billion dollars. It had 3 percent of value decrease compared to the year 2017.