Iran Reached 53 Million Tons of Cement Production
Mining News Pro - Iran stood in the 10th place in cement production in 2018.

According to United States Geological Survey (USGS), during the last year, despite the one million ton decrease of cement production, with 53 million tons of cement production, Iran has kept the tenth place in the world.

Total cement production has been increased since the year 2017, from 4 billion and 50 million tons to 4.1 billion tons.

During this period, China was the first producer of cement with 2.3 billion tons of annual production.

India has stood in second place, with a remarkable difference. This country has produced 290 million tons of cement.

In the same period, the US has produced 88.5 million tons. Also, Turkey and Vietnam respectively produced 84 and 80 million tons and kept the fourth and fifth place.

In addition, Indonesia and South Korea respectively have produced 67 million tons, 56 million tons of cement and after them, Japan, Egypt, and Russia each have produced 55 million tons of cement.

Iran is following them with 53 million tons of production in tenth place.