Lack of Strategies Leads to Unbalanced Growth of Steel Industry
Mining News Pro - CEO of Ghadir Iranian Iron and Steel Co. talked about unbalanced growth of steel industry and said: “By analyzing statistics about steel production from iron ore, concentrate, pellets to final products, you can see that during 51 years of steel life, In accordance with priorities and needs at different times, a specific segment of the industry or chain has been developed and invested.

According to Mining News Pro - Asadollah Farshad said: “By exploitation of Khuzestan and Mobarakeh Steel Companies, importance of raw material supply became inevitable. This issue has led the supply concentrate of iron ore become the first priority of steel supply chain in Iran.”

“In addition, Iran has a huge resource of natural gas and this has led to the importance of development of Direct Reduced industry”, Farshad said.

CEO of Ghadir Iranian told about the unbalanced growth of steel industry due to the lack of strategies. “This unbalanced growth is due to the investment in sectors with highest benefit and forgetting the other segments.”

“Iranian Mines & Mining Industries Development & Renovation’s (IMIDRO) role was important in growth balance of this industry. They first realized the issue and made clear that for producing 55 million tons of steel in 2026, we need 75 million tons of pellets and 110 million tons of iron ore,” he said.

Farshad believes that the important thing is infrastructures. The realization of the 2026 goals is depended to a major step in the development of the rail and the transportation industry.

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