Major Producer of Global D.R.I Reported production reduce/ Iran Recorded a Raise
Mining News Pro - Iran’s DRI production increased by 9 percent and reached 2 million tons in November.

According to Mining News Pro - In the first eleven months of 2018, Iran’s production of DRI reached 22.6 million tons, which has increased by 29 percent.

India, the a major DRI producer in the world, experienced 11.1 drop in production and reached 2 million 245 thousand tons.

But the country has continued to grow in eleven months by 2.9 percent to 27 million and 706 thousand tons of sponge iron(DRI).

Total of 14 countries of the World Steel Association reported 6 million 697 thousand tons of sponge iron in November and 76 million and 145 thousand tons in eleven months.

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