Realization of 835 Rials of Hormozgan Steel in the first half of the year / Growth of 957% of Hormoz`s profit compared to the previous year
Mining News Pro - The excellent Hormozgan steel report from the first six months of the year led to the purchase of this subset of Mobarakeh Steel.

According to Mining News Pro -South Hormozgan Steel, with 1.5 trillion Tomans capital in the second overseas market and is one of the major subsidiaries of Mobarakeh Steel, has published a six-month performance report which, according to experts, is a great report.

Earlier, Hormoz, who had already been well-informed in the highly negative market last week, announced that it was able to cover 835 rials in the first half of the year by announcing a positive 74% positive adjustment (from 274 to 476 rials) Up to the same period before it was 73 rials, it is 957% higher.

This is despite the fact that about 60 Tomans of this profits (equivalent to 900 billion Tomans) is due to the appreciation of the currency.

The Southern Hormozgan Steel report generated more than 27 million shares in stock prices on the day the stock prices fell on most companies and the stock market index.

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