The massive production of ingots required by the UIC60 rails until the end of November
Mining News Pro - The massive production of ingots required by the UIC60 rails until the end of November

According to Mining News Pro -A delegation consisting of Qom urban trainers, consultant of Pardisan Sazeh and Hara, as the representative of Khatam-al-Anbia`s base, visited the company`s production line on Wednesday, 24th of October this year, attended a meeting at the Iron Expedition of Isfahan, with Mehrdad Tulaeian.

In this meeting, Taleaiyan, deputy managing director of Zob Ahan, described the rails production process in Isfahan Steel Co., said: "Iron is being produced in accordance with international standards.

The company`s deputy director of operations said that the quality control system of steelmaking equipment is equipped with up-to-date and modern equipment. Also, internationally accredited companies as the representative and inspector of the Islamic Republic of Iran have approved the quality of iron rails.

He announced the production of R260 ingot in the first half of November, adding that this type of ingot used for UIC60 production will be mass production by the end of November.

Officials of the city`s Qom city traveled on the sidelines of the Rail Rails production line on the National Rail.

Seyyed Sadra Ghassemi, Deputy Executive Director of the Qom Municipal Train Organization, said: "This visit was held to evaluate the technical capability of Zebra in producing and supplying the required rail tracks.

He stated that the technical support provided by Zobin Iron Company, which is part of the country`s domestic railroad supply chain, added: "Despite the cruel sanctions imposed on the import of this strategic product, the rails produced by Zobin Ah have a reliance on the country`s railroads fleet. is considered.

Technical Deputy Executive Director of Qom Urban Railway said: "In the past years, the technology required by the industry has been provided by domestic specialists, and it is hoped that in the near future a large part of the country`s needs will be relied on, based on internal production.

Seyyed Mohammad Esbarizadeh, director of the Qom Municipal Railways Authority, said the technical capability of steelmaking equipment for rail production was significant, saying that domestic consumers should get more familiar with steel melting and its production rails.

He urged the interaction and communication between the two sections of the Qom and Zobahan metro stations more urgent, and stated: According to the plan, by the end of the year, six kilometers from the city train will be put into operation.

Director of the Qom Municipal Railway Supervision Authority said: "We are looking forward to providing the required rail through the company with the capabilities we have seen in the Steel Mine.

He recalled the need to support domestic industries and products, saying: "By buying and consuming domestic products, employment and business will flourish."

Reza Salimian, director of the Qom Municipal Railway Project, said: "We had to negotiate with the various companies in the European and Asian countries to supply the required rails for the Qom train, but we assume that by evaluating the Zobahan Rails, the required rails are needed for the urban train projects from the Iron Mine To provide.

The project manager of the Qom city train company said: "Designing and manufacturing a production line for rail production is a great work that can be done by the ironmonger specialists. He said the production of rails and other strategic products in the country would be a matter of concern for project implementers.

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