Mining News Pro - Mobarakeh Steel Co. and Calcimine Co., along with a number of banks, were listed on the US Department of the Daily Sweepstakes SDN, due to a stocktaking association with last night`s mobilization. Their property in the United States is blocked and American citizens are not allowed to communicate with them and will be subject to secondary sanctions.

According to Mining News Pro -Let`s not forget that steel and zinc with gold and aluminum were sanctioned in the first round and these companies have practically passed the first part of the limitations!

Iran is rich in mineral resources and the major raw materials of these companies are iron ore and natural gas and zinc feed from inside Iran and have little dependence on the outside.

Perhaps the most important effect of the sanctions would be to undermine the rials and increase the profitability of these companies, since Camodists are priced and traded in dollars!

The government can simply strengthen the stock of these companies by boosting the ability to counteract them by simply changing the stock exchange exchange rate from 4200 to Nima.

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