The financial commitment of the Industry and Mine Bank in the transportation sector amounts to 6 billion euros
Mining News Pro - The bank is committed to providing significant financing for the development of the transport sector, especially in the rail transport sector, and the pledge is estimated to reach 6 billion euros, the managing director of the Industry and Mine Bank said.

According to Mining News Pro -Hossein Mehri added: "One of the most important projects funded by the Bank of Industry and Mine, Electricity Roads, said in a meeting to discuss the problems of manufacturing enterprises using the facilities of the Industry and Mines Bank, which was attended by the governor of the West Azarbaijan, Mohammad Mehdi Shahriari. Iron Mashhad - Tehran.

He said: Of course, the amount of rail projects that were sent to the Bank for Industry and Mines will amount to 15.2 billion Euros.

Referring to the fact that it is not possible to finance the Orumiyeh-Tabriz train scheme, he added: "If there are other projects in the industrial and mining sectors, we will be able to sponsor them."

Managing director of the Industry and Mine Bank continued: providing the working capital of industrial units, completing existing industrial projects and supporting development and export-oriented projects are among the most important priorities of the bank in the country.

Mehri evaluated West Azerbaijan`s border capacities with respect to the proximity of the three countries and said that this capacity could be used to develop trade with other countries as well as to implement export-oriented business units.

He announced the increase in the powers of the provincial governors of the industry and mining bank with the approval of the bank`s board of directors, adding that the bank`s rating in terms of granting barriers to production in West Azerbaijan is inappropriate and should be promoted.

He emphasized: A special task force will be set up to solve the problems faced by enterprises using the facilities of the Bank of Industry and Mines in West Azerbaijan, which we hope will be taken in the work of the Task Force for the development of the province.

Managing director of the Bank of Industry and Mines said that while 47 percent of the facilities offered in West Azerbaijan are suspended, the International Standard Bank of Delinquency (FSA) 5 percent and 10 percent bank delinquency are estimated.

Mehri added: "This rate reaches 2 percent in the advanced countries, but due to many problems, and in some cases bad management of the firm, the distance to the international standard in Iran and Western Azerbaijan is high.

He expressed gratitude to the followers of the West Azerbaijan Provincial Governor to solve the problems of the province`s industry: these follow-ups could provide the ground for the development of this area.

The governor of the West Azerbaijan also said at the meeting that so far many country officials have visited Urmia to hear the problems and provide solutions for producers, saying that these meetings can solve many problems.

Mohammad Mehdi Shahriari added: The problems of manufacturing units and industrial projects of the province have been fully monitored, partly due to the lack of facilities from banks and the lack of ability to repay these loans.

He added: "With the help of national devices, we will all be able to solve the problems of the industry sector of the province, and we hope that with the cooperation of the responsible institutions and investors, the province`s production sector will flourish.

At this meeting, a number of production unit managers expressed their concerns about repayment of loans received from the Bank of Industry and Mine, and the bank`s CEO promised to bestow on these problems.

The Bank of Industry and Mine is one of the leading banks in removing barriers to production.

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