Mining News Pro - This week imported HRC offers to Vietnam inch down by USD 5/MT over competitive pricing and bearish sentiments in Vietnam. Meanwhile Chinese steel mills are on public holiday today on eve of Mid autumn festival.Thus absence of active offers from China resulted in less deals.

According to Mining News Pro -Last week Vietnam’s domestic producer Formosa Ha Tinh Corporation announced fresh HRC prices this week at USD 600/MT CFR for Nov shipments.

Meanwhile Chinese and Indian mills are offering imported HRC to Vietnam at USD 575-580/MT CFR and Russian mill is offering at USD 565-568/MT CFR Vietnam.

Current HRC trades & offers for Vietnam - Week 39

1. HRC (SAE 1006) 2-3mm / Chinese offer - Baosteel Steel is at USD 580/MT CFR Vietnam.Last offer was at USD 585/MT CFR.

2. HRC (SAE 1006) 2-3mm / Chinese offer - Rizhao Steel Offer at USD 578/MT CFR basis.Last offers stood at USD 580/MT CFR basis.

3. HRC (SAE 1006) 2-3mm / Russian offer - MMK Steel offer at USD 568/MT CFR basis.Last offers were at USD 574/MT, CFR.

4. Confirmed trade deal heard last week of HRC (SAE 1006) 2-3mm / Russian offer - MMK steel of around 30,000 MT at USD 565/MT CFR Vietnam.

5. HRC (SAE 1006) 2-3mm / Indian offer - major Indian mill offer at USD 575-580/MT CFR basis.


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