The white cement factory of Azna is hired by the presence of SAMT Minister
Mining News Pro - The white cement factory in Azna was hit by the presence of the minister of industry, mining and commerce.


According to Mining News Pro - Majid Kianpur, a representative of the people of Dorood and Azna in the parliament, said on the sidelines of the whitewash ceremony of the white cement factory in Azna, which was attended by the Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade, "We are trying to transform Azna into the Negin province of the province.

He added: "We hope to turn Azna into the industrial city of Lorestan next year."

Kianpour has said that good work has been done in the field of ferroalloy, as well as its development plan is being followed up.

Representative of the people of Dorood and Azna in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, referring to the plan for the production of magnesium ingot, continued: "We also have the production of electrode dough in Azna steel, which, thankfully, has had a good physical development.

He said that during the actions that we are going to do in the future, we will be attracting the population, said the Minister of Industry was scheduled to visit Saipa`s CEO today, and visit the site, and track the development of it by employing 500 people more quickly.

Kianpour also referred to Bairaflak Pharmaceuticals and said: "We hope that next year, 500 people will be absorbed in this phase of human tetanus."

He stated that more than 130 animal and human medicines are produced with European and American day standards, 80% of which are exported.

According to Kianpour, the Azna white cement mill will be launched by next year.

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