What are the mineral and metal days after the steel price ordering?
Mining News Pro - The tension in the steel market of Iran has intensified and there is no direct link to the boycott, but domestic production is more than demand, however, final consumers are seeing a surplus of supply and stockpiles of expanding merchants.

According to Mining News Pro - In order to control market inflation, the Iranian government has focused on low-cost producers, focusing on a 20% increase in supply and maintaining the base price of 4200 with a maximum increase of 5%, but on the other hand, consumers are offering goods at a free price and with one The difference is more than 90 percent with stock exchanges and are dissatisfied with the current state of affairs and the low effectiveness of government policies.

Intermediaries are also filling steel mills and using multi-billion rubles rents between producer and consumer prices.

Two weeks ago, the Islamic Republic of Iran officially accepted the inflation of the dollar and other currencies by providing a new currency exchange package by the central bank, which allowed exporters to convert their export earnings to the real rate found on the secondary market, and in For the past two weeks, the US dollar has been traded between the importer and the exporter at an average rate of about 9,000 Tomans in this market

When the dollar`s inflation is clearly accepted by the government and the exporter only converts its dollar into rial at these rates, how can the government itself allow the steel industry to force its product on the basis of $ 4,200 Tomani will sell in the domestic market !?

Was it really all about inviting people to participate in the exchange to the detriment of them? Do you know the stock market situation after the steel price tag?

Do you know the reason for the stock market growth in June and July was the increase in the stock market for steel and mineral companies and did not have good days after the stock market pricing of the stock market? Do you know that these days in the official market of goods for the purchase of steel, speculators queue to scrap 2300 Tomans of rebar and sell at 3400 tomans?

Unless the state has left the steel companies? So how does it allow itself to interfere in the private sector business environment? This part of the government does not justify the speculators from the pocket of the manufacturer and shareholder of the wisdom!

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