Khuzestan Steel Co. completed half of 2018 sales in four months
Mining News Pro - In spite of US withdrawal and sanctions intensification, the Khuzestan Steel Company , the country`s largest supplier of steel bars, managed to export 50% of its exports and sales of this year to 2018 within four months from 2018.

According to Mining News Pro - Mohammad Keshani, managing director of the Khuzestan Steel Company, said: "The program of exports of steel to Khuzestan for the whole year 1397 is planned and projected to be two million tons, but by the end of July, it is only four months from now, more than 50% of it, one million and eighty And nine thousand have been realized.

He described the achievement of this record as a great success in crisis management and export sales of the company in terms of boosting sanctions.

Mohammad Keshani added that despite the fact that all sanctions have intensified against our country, and since the departure of America from the beginning of this year, it was thought that there were serious problems in the steel industry and steel industry, we are not worried about Khuzestan steel because in the past 40 years the crisis We have gotten harder than that.

Older colleagues in Khuzestan`s steel well-researched valuable resistance and resistance experiences recall how we have been resistant to problems, sanctions and restrictions over the course of the 8 years of holy defense and beyond.

The company announced a four-month production of one four million four hundred and four thousand tons and sold one million five hundred and three thousand tons.

Managing director of Khuzestan Steel said: "From the very beginning, when Mr. Tramp announced his report on leaving, the skilled and prone team of the Steel Sales Department of Kozhistan has taken special measures to counteract their intentional and inhumane policies in the field of strengthening the resistance economy. Started.

Mohammad Keshani addressed the company`s employees and said: "The measures taken by the Anti-Sanctions Working Group in the Khuzestan Steel Company are such that we have managed to achieve half of the goals of 1397 in domestic sales and exports in the same period last year." . Therefore, I emphasize that no concern for the departure of America for the loved ones product line should not be created, and only concern for the dear and diligent employees of the company, should maintain the increasing trend of production.

The preparation of weekly reports and strategic planning for purchasing strategic items from the anti-sanctions headquarters in Khuzestan steel has been noted and stated that in the area of procurement and supply of strategic steel supplies, including electrodes and other items, the necessary measures have been taken and Their preparation is planned by the end of 1398.

Of course, the issue of localization is also headed by the headquarters.

He said that we have asked domestic contractors to do their utmost and that there is no need to plan for the financing of self-sustaining plans.

Khani emphasized: With the help of Allah, we will continue to domesticize the steel until the dependence on imports of the items required in this section continues.

Managing director of Khuzestan Steel Company in his message, referring to the special conditions for dealing with sanctions in the country, said: To support downstream industries, Khuzestan Steel has detailed plans on its agenda, including increasing domestic sales and The priority is the supply of domestic cigarettes that are on the agenda of the relevant headquarters.

According to Kashani, the sales of steel inside Khuzestan have risen 2 times over the same period last year, reflecting the company`s will to support domestic rolling mills.

The CEO of Khuzestan Steel also emphasized financial measures to reduce the price of bullion in the process of increasing production of the company.

Mohammad Keshani discussed the development of the company and the future plans of Khuzestan Steel in this regard: The plan to increase the capacity under the roof from the current 3.6 million tons to five million two hundred thousand tons is being pursued with maximum effort in Khuzestan Steel.

He also expressed hope that in the near future, the Mega Module for the revival of a new 1.8 million tonne company, which was tendered in Ahwaz recently, will launch its operations.

At the end of his message, the CEO of Khuzestan Steel Company said to the employees of the company: "In the current situation, Khuzestan steel has a trustee in our hands that we must maintain and develop in the best way with its efforts and sympathy, in the future, to the generations In the future, along with this industry, we will continue to have a productive and productive employment and live.

He described Aksin Steel, the Rolling and Kavian Group as rolling factories, as the steel supplier in Khuzestan as a supplier of ingots.

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