Last year’s budget of IMIDRO was 750 billion IRRs but we only received 160 billion IRRs
Monday, January 15, 2018 - 10:06:58 AM

Mining News -The government reduced the next year’s budget to 350 IRRs, but it is decent if all of this budget will be allocate to IMIDRO, he said.

And also mediators have been removed in this year’s budget, and we are happy about that because it was like the relationship between the proprietor and the tenant.

It means that previously, we must have received the income made by IMIDRO’s activities from Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, but now the government must pay this money to IMIDRO.

At the moment, the government has 50 billion IRRs of debt.’s-budget-of-IMIDRO-was-750-billion-IRRs-but-we-only-received-160-billion-IRRs
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