Nicico reports;
Increase in Copper Cathode and Anode Production by the End of July
Sunday, July 26, 2020 - 2:18:49 PM

Ardeshir SadMohammadi said that in the first four months of the Persian year, the number of domestic sales and exports jumped by 11 percent compared with the second sales plan.

“Until the end of fourth months (Tir), National Iranian Copper Industries Company succeeded to produce 91,080,000 tons of cathode and 121,202 tons of anod,” he added.

“55,337 tons of refinery cathode and 2065 tons of leaching cathode are produced in Sarcheshme copper plant which is two percent more than the expected plan. In Shahr-e Babak Complex 31,882 tons of refinery cathode are produced which is 14% ahead of the plan. Also leaching copper production is 6 percent more than the expected plan with 1855 tons. The total production of the cathode was 22,071 tons, which had a growth of 12% compared to the plan, which means 14 percent growth. Anode production rose too by 14% with the total production 29,652 tons,” SadMohammadi explained.

He said that despite a 0.611% decrease in extraction sulfur, Nicico succeeded to produce 98,607 tons of copper in the first four months of Persian year which is 1 percent ahead of the plan.

“With the extraction of 56,607,000 tons of minerals, Nicico has been able to be 1 percent ahead of the projected extraction program by the end of July,” he added.
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