BHP unveils stringent Covid-19 measures
Thursday, March 26, 2020 - 2:58:28 PM
Mining Weekly

According to Mining News Pro - “The nature of mining and petroleum operations is such that many of our people don’t have the opportunity to work from home, but with the controls we’re implementing we are confident that our workplaces are safe,” said BHP’s health and safety officer Rob Telford.

“As a minimum, the controls we have in place follow guidelines from relevant governments, world experts and health authorities, BHP’s continuous risk assessments, and specialist health advice. We continue to monitor expert advice on a daily basis to gain further insights and enhance our approach.

“We are working to implement further controls at our operated sites and offices in real time against a fast moving backdrop, and we are working hard to make sure we have the necessary supplies and equipment to maintain safe and healthy working areas for our people.

“We are conducting regular audits to understand the effectiveness of the controls, obtain feedback and determine additional measures or improvements that are required. We will continue to do this for the duration.”

The company has implemented a number of measures to stop the spread of Covid-19, including social distancing at the workplace, increasing cleaning at all sites and offices, flexible shift and rostering arrangements, rescheduling all non-essential site visits and meetings, or conducting these via virtual platforms, and closing offices in locations where authorities have mandated that employees work remotely.
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